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Love and Light Alchemy Services

Offering Remote and In Person sessions.

Currently I have 2 subscription based services available.

Apraxia/speech difficulty/delay

Assisting those with immune challenges


Chakra Balancing

Clearing out blocks, increasing the perfect flow of energy and harmonizing the energy of the chakras, with a combination of Pendulum Alchemy and crystal grids.


Supporting Physical Issues

Healing sessions to help shift your body to start healing it's own blocks that manifest as physical challenges.


Emotional Clearing

Healing sessions to acknowledge and clear blocked and stuck emotional energy and trauma.


Goal setting/Intentions/ Affirmations

Healing sessions to help you shift energy to better set goals, and take inspired action, with the help of energized affirmations and intentions!


Quantum Frequency Sprays

New releases each month, and through other times of the year to assist you in your healing.  Custom sprays available!

SCHEDULE NOW    425-408-1620

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